20 Years, 20 Faces: Week 1: The Great Dave Downing.

LCC Radio celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. We’re introducing a feature called “20 Years, 20 Faces.” Check back here throughout February to get a glimpse at the people behind the airwaves . . . because we have great faces, even for radio. Wink!


Dave Downing

Dave Downing

Dave Downing

LCCRadio:  When were you involved with LCC Radio?

DD: I was a student at LCC at the radio station (then it was on-campus only and called “WLCC”) in 1972. In 1974 I started teaching media at LCC and became the station’s manager in 1980. I was station manager until Sept., 2012.

LCCRadio:  What was your role here?

DD: Station Manager

LCCRadio:  What’s your favorite LCC Radio memory?

DD: There are so many it’s impossible to choose one. Mostly the awesome staff and students that were involved in the station over the years. The live broadcasts, the sports remotes, the concerts, the creative process in establishing unique programs, etc etc etc. One of the things I’m most proud of is moving WLNZ to being a local community station in music and information.

LCCRadio:  What was your favorite song that LCC Radio played?

DD: The fact the WLNZ features local performers and singer/songwriters with music that is not heard on the air anywhere else. There is nowhere else these artists can get radio airplay other than through WLNZ.

LCCRadio:  What are you doing now / what’s next for you?

DD: I’m teaching classes at Michigan State in audio theatre, also giving presentations on audio theatre for schools and community groups. Also am involved with several board of directors of organizations affiliated with broadcasting, both in the state and nationally, which also includes consulting with the member radio stations around the country. Recently I’ve become involved with the State of Michigan Historical Museum as a docent and in giving presentations in various aspects of history and the historical collection of the state’s civil war battle flags. Since retiring I’ve had a lot more time for my other hobbies – playing music, sailing, and partcipating in historical re-enactments of the civil war (last summer for example I participated in the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg).