Maybe Next Time keeps Pop Punk Alive

Grand Rapids pop punk band, Maybe Next Time

Grand Rapids pop punk band, Maybe Next Time

Story by Sarah Spohn, A&E Editor of the Lookout and WLNZ Radio Volunteer

Grand Rapids-based pop punk band, Maybe Next Time is making waves all across Mid-Michigan with its energetic youthful tunes.

After a half-hour acoustic set on WLNZ’s Grand River Radio Diner, I got the chance to sit down with Matt, Sam and Riley from Maybe Next Time (MNT) and talk tunes.

After an on-air shout out to my Blink 182 t-shirt, we bonded over the music us twenty-somethings grew up listening to.

Maybe Next Time is just a month away from celebrating its third birthday, but certainly doesn’t forget its roots. The band members spoke about their influences and inspiration.

 “I grew up listening to Blink 182, Sum 41, kind of like that throwback pop punk stuff so it’s always been a big influence for me,” said MNT vocalist, Matthew Grodus.

The band tributes much of their musical influences to pop punk outlets like Relient K, Yellowcard and a Day to Remember.

The band continues to get pun after pun regarding their name, but they just smile and laugh it off.

 “We came up with a name before any other members were added,” said MNT guitarist, Sam Engelsman said. “So then once we wrote one song that we really liked, we hit up Matt and we got together and wrote lyrics for it and then we just started adding everyone like week by week and before we knew it, we had six people.”

Maybe Next Time consists of Matthew Grodus on vocals, Sam Engelsman on guitar, Riley Aalderink on guitar, Josiah Samy on bass, Mark Avery on synth/keys, and Miles Foster on drums.

 Having six members in one band often leads to difficulties scheduling gigs and aligning practice times; but the band tries to book at least two shows a month.

Sat. Nov. 9 the band played alongside Paper Brigade, The Better Fight and Way to Fall at their album release party at The Pyramid Scheme.

Having previously made an appearance on Fox 17, this was the first time the band has been on the radio.

 Maybe Next Time performed alongside fellow G.R. pop punk entity, Midwest Skies on the Grand River Radio Diner Show on Friday, Feb. 7. Remember, you heard ‘em here first.

 While Midwest Skies has been in and around the music scene for a longer time, the bands share similar characteristics. Engelsman talked about the band’s relationship with Midwest Skies. “We just started playing shows together and our personalities are quite similar, I dare say.”

 MNT vocalist Matt Grodus has known them ever since he was in his previous band, Man Against Society. “I kind of knew them and I had a previous relationship established with them—kind of like a friendship, like an awesome get together and jam thing. It kind of carried over to this band. They’re always going to be good friends of ours. We’re always going to ask them to play whenever possible,” Grodus said.

While the band consists of relatively young current GVSU students and recent grads, they have certainly seen a relatively new shift in the music industry. With many listeners solely use outlets like Spotify or Soundcloud to hear music, artists’ album sales can go down as a result.

“For us, the challenge is getting our music out to people. Not trying to sound cocky, but people really do like our music and if we reach enough ears, we can start making more moves,” Engelsman said.

 And the band is making every effort to get that music to the masses. “We kind of take every option we can to get our album to the ears, so we’re really not in a position to complain about Spotify taking away sales. We kind of view it as an opportunity to reach new people that wouldn’t necessarily buy it without hearing it first,” Aalderink said

Vocalist Matt Grodus doesn’t look grimly upon the future of CDs though. “I don’t think CDs are gonna fade out. I still purchase CDs all the time. Maybe it’s just me, but I make an effort to go in and buy the CD so I have the physical copy of the record of the band that I love,” Grodus said.

For fellow compact disc junkies, the band continues to produce CDs to sell at shows, events and for shipping.

MNT released a four song EP entitled, “Safe to Say” in 2012 and an eight song album called “Nothing on the Surface” in fall of 2013. Currently, the band is busy rehearsing cover songs for the upcoming Dance Marathon benefit at Hope College in March. The event raises money for DeVos Children’s Hospital. After that, expect more new material from this pop punk band.

Maybe Next Time stopped by for the Coffee Break Show and to perform an acoustic set live on the Grand River Radio Diner on Friday, Feb. 8.  Photo by Roxann Larrabee

Maybe Next Time members (L to R) Riley Aalderink, Matthew Grodus, Sam Engelsman  performed on the Grand River Radio Diner on Friday, Feb. 8.
Photo by Roxann Larrabee

Maybe Next Time can be found on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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