20 Years, 20 Faces, Week 2: Geary Morrill

Geary Morrill

Geary Morrill


Geary Morrill

When were you involved with LCC Radio?

I was involved from 1971 to 1973. At that time, WLCC was a closed circuit on campus radio station.

What was your role here?

Shortly after my arrival, I began doing mornings, and in 1972 became station manager.

What’s your favorite LCC Radio memory?

I would say the staff we developed, many of whom were simultaneously working at this station, as well as Lansing commercial radio. This included Tim Siegrist, who has been with Greater Media Detroit for many years, as well as Steve Church, who went on to found Telos/Omnia/Axia.

What was your favorite song that LCC Radio played?

At the time we were an album-leaning Top 40 format, and there was a TON of excellent product being released. Two of my favorites were Yes and The Moody Blues, which have both stood the test of time rather nicely. The Yes Album and Fragile and Moody’s Every Good Boy Deserves Favour and Seventh Sojourn were tops.

What are you doing now / what’s next for you?

After leaving LCC to help launch WHNN in 1973, I’ve gravitated towards broadcast engineering and station ownership. I’m currently Technical Manager of the Next Media cluster in Saginaw, which is soon to be a part of Digity, LLC.