20 Years, 20 Faces: Week 2: Jack Robbins

LCC Radio celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. We’re introducing a feature called “20 Years, 20 Faces.” Check back here throughout February to get a glimpse at the people behind the airwaves . . . because we have great faces, even for radio. Wink!


Jack Robbins

Jack Robbins


Jack Robbins

LCCRadio:  When were you involved with LCC Radio? What was your role here?

JR: Host of the “Coffee Break” show on LCC radio for 8 years.

LCCRadio:  What’s your favorite LCC Radio memory?

JR: I have many LCC Radio memories, but perhaps one of my favorites is our Christmas radio plays during Silvers Bells in the City. I have been involved in all of the shows.

LCCRadio:  What was your favorite song that LCC Radio played?

JR: I enjoy all the music played on LCC radio. We have the most eclectic format in Lansing. It’s a refreshing change from the many years I spent on commercial radio.