20 Years, 20 Faces: Final Week: MoJo




LCCRadio:  When were you involved with LCC Radio?

MoJo: I learned audio production and hosted a few on air shifts throughout the week.

LCCRadio:  What was your role here?

MoJo: ON air and I also worked with Dennis E. on music scheduling.

LCCRadio:  What’s your favorite LCC Radio memory?

MoJo: My first ever on air shift…man was I nervous.

LCCRadio:  What was your favorite song that LCC Radio played?

MoJo: Hands down it was Higher ground by Stevie Wonder.

LCCRadio:  What are you doing now / what’s next for you?

MoJo: I am currently about to start my 11 year at Q106, I am now the “brand manager” and run the show. What’s next????? Great question.