20 Years, 20 Faces: Dennis Pipper

Dennis Pipper

Dennis Pipper

Dennis Pipper

LCCRadio:  When were you involved with LCC Radio?

I started at WLNZ in 1996, just a month after my first daughter was born. We were still in the old Student Services building (now the Macinaw Building). It was cramped, but it was fun!

LCCRadio:  What was your role here?

What was your role here? I was (Program Director) Lyn Peraino’s lackey. My actual title was Assistant Program Director/Music Director. I worked closely with the record companies to determine the music we played on the station. My other primary role was working with the student on-air talent.

LCCRadio:  What’s your favorite LCC Radio memory?

Coming to work everyday and working with Dave Downing and Lyn Peraino (not kissing up, really). We had great chemistry as a trio of station managers, we seemed to balance each other well. Our staff meetings were very productive and creative – some of the most fun you can have in a meeting. I was also fortunate to work with some very talented students and volunteers. It will always be one of my favorite radio gigs with a lot of great memories.

LCCRadio:  What was your favorite song that LCC Radio played?

Any song by Diana Krall.

LCCRadio:  What are you doing now / what’s next for you?

Currently, I am a full time professor at Lansing Community College where I have taught Web Site Design and Development course since leaving WLNZ in 2004. I am currently on the air on the weekends on the SmileFM radio network (http://smile.fm) and on the air on a Positive Country Station in Michigan’s Thumb as the morning show host. What’s next for me? Only God knows that, but I’m excited to see what’s next…