Audience dances and waves hands in a salute to New Politics’ antics at the Loft in Lansing

New Politics-The Loft, Lansing, MI  Photo by Amber Stokosa
New Politics-The Loft, Lansing, MI
Photo by Amber Stokosa

An otherwise dull rainy Tuesday night was taken by storm when New Politics jumped on The Loft’s stage in Lansing, MI.

The sold-out all ages show was put on by 94.1WVIC and Fusion Shows. Michigan natives Shapes & Colors and Mike Mains & The Branches opened up for the Danish dance rock band, New Politics.

While two-thirds of the band is from Copenhagen, Denmark, and is often a long ways from home, on tour with Fall Out Boy and Paramore, the band spoke about it’s love for the fans here in the U.S. “And it works perfect ‘cause we love American girls and [they] love the American English accent!”

Equipped with the vocal stylings and break out dance moves of David Boyd, the rhythmic riffs of Søren Hansen on guitar, and the hearty beats of Louis Vecchio on drums, New Politics continues to deliver show after show of mind-blowing proportions.

(Rise up above/take the whole world with you) isn’t just a line from their song, “Overcome,” it’s a motto the band lives out on stage each night. Frontman Boyd rose above, alright.

Fans lifted the energetic Boyd to the ceiling while he sang and serenaded dedicated fans. The good times certainly didn’t stop there, though, as moves were busted all night long.

Not only was there epic break dancing, but plenty of crowd-surfing also heightened the experience for music goers. New Politics certainly know how to work a crowd. Their relationship between the band and its fans is like none other. Boyd spoke about the importance of the band’s following, both old and new fans. “We want to become one with the crowd. Since our first show it’s been like that,” Boyd said. Mission accomplished. Boyd entrusted fans to hold him up while singing, and they lifted him to the ceiling as he serenaded fans.

And according to Boyd, those fans are one in a million. “We honestly have the best fans, they’re so awesome! They send all of us letters, gifts and always come out to shows to support in any way they can.”

The energy level is almost unbelievable, for nearly 2 hours straight; a non-stop overdose on rock ’n’ roll good times. Boyd announced to an equally enthusiastic crowd that the band would be singing for the next hour and fifty-some minutes, so he had a little time to break out some wicked dance moves.

With the help from security and fans, Boyd was able to clear a circle in middle of the jam packed, sold-out venue and break it down with an epic headstand.

Fans sat on the floors, side by side with Boyd – (singer, suddenly -turned-professional -dancer) as he hand-picked a lucky one to have a “dance off.” While the pick of destiny seemed to be too shy, and the battle was short-lived, the lucky fan did get a heartfelt hug.

Breakdancing aside, New Politics is a band – one with something magical at that. The energy, the liveliness, the spark that New Politics exerts on stage is admirable and inspiring, to say the least.

Known for their crowd participation and high energy, perhaps ADD-level get up, New Politics spoke about their active stage presence. “That’s one thing we do, let go and go with the flow!”

While some fans came out solely to hear their hit radio staple, “Tonight You’re Perfect,” which was surprisingly early in the set, those who stayed certainly weren’t disappointed for the remainder of the fast paced pops of energy, song after song.

Highlights of the concert included popular fan favorite, 2010’s “Dignity,” the feel-good “Tonight You’re Perfect,” and the ever-so-catchy “Harlem.” New Politics then slowed down, but only long enough for a few couples to slow dance to the refreshing, yet vulnerable “Stuck on You.” The band ended the set with encouraging fans to follow their dreams via their breakout hit circa 2010, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”

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