Up and coming Jersey band aims for the Springsteen stars

Story by Sarah Spohn, WLNZ Social Media Manager

It’s hard to imagine a time when Bruce Springsteen wasn’t selling out arena venues. But just like every other musical artist, even Springsteen had to start off small, playing local bars. Fellow New Jersey based rock band, Young Rising Sons is on their way to follow the footsteps of their musical icon: The Boss.

While on a headlining tour, Young Rising Sons made their first stop at Mac’s Bar in Lansing, MI on Tuesday, Sept. 16. Young Rising Sons (YRS) spoke with me after a pit stop across the street at Theio’s, and before they took the stage.

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Made up of Andy Tongren (lead vocals, guitar), Dylan Scott (lead guitar), Julian Dimagiba (bass), and Steve Patrick (drums), the group has been together roughly 5 years. They’ve played their fair share of VFW Halls in Jersey, but their luck is looking up.

The band’s single, “High” has become somewhat of an unofficial theme song for good vibes, all across the alternative airwaves. Its feel good lyrics are similar to the band’s namesake–the culmination of the band’s positive outlook on life, despite many up’s and down’s. The name, Young Rising Sons, stems off of a song the band wrote, “Red & Gold.” Andy Tongren, Lead Vocalist, spoke about how one song became an anthem for the band’s identity.

“When we started writing our new stuff, which is what’s out now on our EP, we kind of really thought we had found our calling,” Tongren said. “And that song in particular (Red & Gold), in the second verse, really summed it up. We’d felt like we’d been knocked down before, and we wanted to give up multiple times; but we knew we had something special and didn’t want to give up on that.”

While the line-up never changed, the group stuck it out through changes, different styles, sounds and marketing strategies. And their work paid off, considering the band signed a record deal with Interscope and released their debut EP.

“We just put the music out there, and wanted to see if it would raise its hand at all, and it kind of did,” said guitarist Dylan Scott. “Then the labels started contacting us. We’d been trying for so long. We always knew we wanted to sign to a label, so we just put our music out there for people to hear.”

And the people have spoken. With the band’s single “High” getting serious airplay on Sirius XM Satellite Alt Nation, and across the country on rock stations, it’s almost as if the band could be renamed to Young Rising Stars.

Yet, down to earth these four musicians remain. “High” landed a spot on the trailer for the new flick “This is Where I Leave You,” starring Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda and Adam Driver. Huge fans of Fey and Driver, the band spoke about what it was like to hear their song play from the living room T.V.

“Every time it comes on, it’s always strange,” drummer Steve Patrick said. “We were home for a couple days, after recording. Andy and I have an apartment together, and every time it came on, we were like, ‘Ahh, I know that song.’”

Even better than a movie trailer, though, according to the band, is getting to meet the fans. “It’s really important to meet the people who are making this possible,” Tongren said.

“It’s the funnest part. Playing is obviously awesome, and we got into it for that reason, to play music. But meeting people that like give a shit about what you’re doing…is fucking awesome,” drummer Steven Patrick said.

Catch the band on their headlining tour, or in the U.K. supporting the Neighbourhood. Dates and more info here. Go, and go now, because after the full album lands February 2015, these guys will be pedaling their way up to the big, bad, ‘Boss’ leagues. I assure you that.