Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack talks Tom’s- Tom Waite and plenty of other tomfoolery things


While on the Commit This To Memory (CTTM) tenth anniversary tour with Motion City Soundtrack, Justin Pierre spoke with me before the band’s show at The Intersection on Sunday, Jan. 18 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Check out this interview in which we discuss the CTTM anniversary, the new unreleased sixth album, words, podcasts, Tom Waits and all things TOMFOOLERY.

*Note: There is some swearing in the interview.

**Note: Motion City is my favorite current band and the fact that I got to sit down with Justin and shoot the shit, (you read the previous note, didn’t you?!?) is both absurd and amazing. If you enjoy this interview a sliver as much as I did, then we’re good to go!

You can catch Motion City Soundtrack tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 23 at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit!

I highly recommend it, they play Commit This To Memory in its entirety, and a full set of other fan favorites and you might even hear some new music from their sixth studio album yet to be released! Throw in tons of new merch, reissued vinyls and VIP lucky singalongs, what more could you ask for?

The rest of their tour dates are available here: http://motioncitysoundtrack.com/

Also, thanks to photographer Brian Wells documenting the momentous occasion and concert: