JiveOne5even hosts first ever #lovelansing party

Story by Sarah Spohn

What started off as an underground t-shirt making gig has now flourished into a collaborative art project. Lansing residents Marcus Cottom and Paul Vetne founded JiveOne5even (pronounced Jive One Seven) and have been putting a distinctive spin on the Capital city ever since.

Vetne spoke about the hobby turned business. “We are two artist friends that found our unique views complimented one another’s and benefit the Lansing art scene,” Vetne said. “Projects above and beyond witty t-shirt designs include painting, sculpture, illustration and a few non-traditional arts.”

“Marcus originally started making t-shirts in his basement in 2008,” Vetne said. Vetne took notice and brought his art/design and screen-printing background to the forefront and asked Cottom about turning the hobby into a bigger thing.

“We have been steadily trying to outwit each other since then,” Vetne said.

The JiveOne5even guys have been taking their art to the streets at Old Town’s BluesFest and Jazz Fest, REO Town’s Art Attack and most recently used their cardboard construction talent to win best decorated and people’s choice awards at the ninth annual WLNZ Cardboard Classic.


Their next community display comes in the form of a celebration of art, right in the heart of Lansing. Co-founder Vetne spoke about how art brought the tattoo artists together and the duo created something bigger.

“We came together through art from different backgrounds,” Vetne said. “As a result, we recognize the immense impact that the arts can have on the individual and as a result, all of society.”

While Vetne came to Lansing via Mexico, California and Missouri, Cottom was raised in the 517 area and went to Lansing Public schools.

“Coming up in the public school system, Marcus often noticed lack of interest by educators, limited art supplies, and generally limited resources for the arts, while other programs flourished,” Vetne said. “But there is hope.”

Hope comes in the form of the first ever #lovelansing party, to raise funds, supplies and attention to the art program for Lansing public elementary art education. Money raised will be used to purchase art materials for students and sending students to REACH and MSU art classes.

The #lovelansing party will take place Sunday, Feb. 8 at The Green Door in Lansing. Entertainment includes local visual artists creating live art, raffles, an art auction and live music. Performers include Scratch Pilots, Lansing-based DJ’s spinning hip-hop, Mix Pack, Understanding SOUL- jazz, funk, rock, hip-hop, NeoSoul and blues arrangements, and Lansing’s Cool District- a cover band created entirely for the event.

Aside from witty t-shirt designs like its “Lansing Cuddles Harder” and “Dirty Lansing,” or special art events, the company has a real pride for the town around it, all day every day.


“JiveOne5even is for the sons and daughters,” Vetne said. “For those who were born and raised here. For those who transplanted to there and came to love this city, who in a lot of cases, gets the short end of the stick.”

Their motto expands on the idea of looking at the big picture (pun intended). “While at the surface, Lansing can be looked at as a grimy, blue collar, pothole-filled spot on the map, but look beyond and you’ll find a city full of culture, flavor and history.”

There is a $10 admittance donation for the #lovelansing party at The Green Door.

Doors open at 2 p.m. Entertainment begins at 3 p.m. For more information, visit www.jiveone5even.com