Andy Grammer Say’s He’s ‘Good’ with Not Being Labeled This or That

Andy Grammer is an artist who’s known for his upbeat, catchy and positive songs.

Checking a single box labeling him as an artist of only one genre though, now that will push this singer songwriter’s buttons.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

The Los Angeles artist seemingly burst onto the scene with popular singles “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine by Me” from his debut album in 2011.

His follow-up album Magazines Or Novels, was released the summer of 2014. Though the album has been out for some months, Grammer has seen a recent resurgence and success thanks to the song “Honey I’m Good.”

Currently on the road with Alex & Siera, Grammer spoke with WLNZ Reporter Sarah Spohn about street performing, pranks and pigeonholes.

Grammer grew up in a musical family, and was always wanting to be the center of attention.

“My dad was a children’s performer,” Andy said of Grammy-nominated Red Grammer.

“Since I was a kid, there was always songwriting going on around me. I’d go on stage and sing with him and stuff. I’ve always loved being in front of people,” Grammer said.

That love took the energetic performer to the streets.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

“I was a street performer for like four years in Santa Monica, CA,” Grammer said.

Guitar case open — that’s how the California native paid his rent for a while.

Grammer spoke about the many ups and downs that performing for free on the sidewalks can entail.

“The first two years were kind of brutal,” Grammer said. “It’s a great development tool for artists.”

Playing both popular covers and original material, he quickly learned what people liked and when to go back to the drawing board.

“If you’re humble enough to be like, ‘alright, nobody likes this and some people like a little bit of this,’ you can kind of like trial by error and keep going and making your set different.”

“My first album was very much tested along the street,” Grammer said of the self-titled 2011 record, which includes the song “Biggest Man In Los Angeles,” a shout-out to his street performing start.

“So after three years of that I had a good set, a good batch of songs that I knew people liked.”

Despite waiting for his ‘big break,’ while performing solo on the sidewalks, Grammer continued to remain positive, a trait he soon became known for in his music.

“Keep Your Head Up” went platinum, naming Grammer the first male pop star since John Mayer in 2002 to reach the Top 10 at Adult Pop Radio on his first 2 singles, “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine By Me”.

The interactive, choose-your-own-adventure music video was also mold-breaking and innovative.

“The head of my label Steve Greenberg is partners with a company called Interlude and they were actually the pioneers of that technology,” Grammer said. “So when I first came out with ‘Keep Your Head Up,’ they offered to give that technology to me to be the first one to use it.”

See the video here:

Fast-forward to 2014’s Magazines or Novels and he’s at it again – with a cute interactive “Honey, I’m Good” video featuring fan couples.

Check it out here:

While many of his songs are considered positive, the singer songwriter said it’s not always easy to write music that way.

“I think it’s hard to write music that is uplifting and positive without being cheesy. I try really hard to do it and I write a lot of songs and throw a lot of songs away because they cross into the land of cheesy,” Grammer said.

The album was created with a multitude of producers in different areas, contributing to a diverse collection of songs, something contrasting the debut album if you ask Andy.

“I definitely wanted to make a pretty eclectic album,” Grammer said. “You make the first album and everybody goes, ‘oh, that’s what you are.’ And so the second album is definitely a little more rebellious.”

“Don’t pigeon hole me — that touches my creative button and makes me not so happy.”

Fans need not fret though, just because the second album is a little different, Grammer’s signature songwriting and relatable lyrics are still present. The songs themselves remain an important aspect of his role in the music biz.

“The first album there was a little bit of variety,” Grammer said, “but not nearly as much as this one. So this one was like ‘alright, let’s write great songs number one,’” Grammer said. “If the songs themselves are solid, than you can go ahead and stretch the rubber band sonically.”

In comes the foot-stomping, Los Angeles hoedown of “Honey, I’m Good,” the relationship anthem as Andy likes to put it.

“It’s kind of the relationship anthem, Grammer said. “It’s like the dip-out song. For me, its when I’m hanging out after a show and I’m signing something or hanging out with a bunch of girls … and you feel a vibe that’s not totally kosher. You’re like, ‘honey, I’m good. I’m outta here. Nice to meet you,’” said the singer, who’s been married 2.5 years.

The Magazines Or Novels singer recently performed the song on “Good Morning America.”

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“What’s cool about the second album is it creates such a wide spectrum that the show has become so much more fun,” Grammer said. “Now there’s like dancing around, we’re jumping around.”

You can join in on the dancing, jumping and all-around-good-fun on the Andy Grammer and Alex & Siera  on The Good Guys and A Girl Tour.

There is a Michigan stop Thursday, March 26 at The Crofoot in Pontiac, MI. For full tour dates and more information, visit