Vh1 “Twinning” Stars & LCC Alumnae Shawn & Claire Buitendorp talk twin tuition, the fashion biz & more

WLNZ Reporter Sarah Spohn spoke over the phone with Shawn and Claire Buitendorp, 25-year-old twin sisters from the small town of Grand Ledge, Michigan who are making the dream come true-times two.

LCC alumni, the girls got their start in the fashion world right here at LCC’s costume shop. Later on, the pair went to intern for the zany fashion designer Betsey Johnson in NYC.

Recently cast on the vh1 reality show, “Twinning,” the pair talks about what it was like to live apart for the very first time, spend so much time on camera, and what’s planned if they win the competitive prize of $222,222.22

Double the trouble and twice the fun, listen to the full interview below:

Catch “Twinning” on Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Vh1.Follow the girls at @shockandawww on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Shop their fashion designs at http://www.shockandawww.com