Concert Review: Senses Fail at St. Andrew’s Hall

Review by Brian Wells


New Jersey-based post-hardcore band Senses Fail brought their Quince Años Tour to St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit this past Saturday, and holy cow: what a show.

This is only my second time seeing them live, but I’ve been listening to the New Jersey emo-punk band since they emerged onto the scene with their debut album “Let It Enfold You” back in 2004. Their most recent tour is in celebration of the band’s fifteenth anniversary and the release of their long-teased acoustic EP, “In Your Absence.” Accompanying the band on tour are Counterparts, Movements and Like Pacific.

To commemorate the event, the band is playing their entire 2006 album “Still Searching” all across the nation.


The album, according to frontman Buddy Nielsen, came during a dark time in his life: He was struggling with sobriety and his own self-image.

“(To get to where I am) I had to go through the terrible road that is this album,” Nielsen said between songs. “It’s a reminder that we can make it through the times we don’t feel like we can get through.”

The performance included all sorts of air kicks, mic-throwing and, of course, crowd surfing. The energy these guys always perform with is absolutely insane. Nielsen and the rest of the band are constantly jumping, spinning, headbanging, slinging microphones and running through the pit to interact with the crowd.

After the show ended, the band returned to the stage to perform an epic five-song encore, including crowd favorites such as “Buried In a Lie,” and “Jets To Peru,” the first single off of their new “In Your Absence” EP.

Before playing “Jets to Peru,” Nielsen took a moment to talk about the frailty and uncertainty of life.

“When you talk to the dying, the things they remember about their life are the times they spent with the people they cared about, not the things they acquired,” Nielsen said. “This is life, and how we live it is our choice. We can either feed the good wolf, or feed the bad wolf.”

The show ended with an energetic performance of their hardcore single “Bite To Break Skin.” After the bridge, when the song breaks into the outtro, Nielsen surprised the audience with a screamo duet with Counterparts frontman Brendan “B” Murphy.

If this insane tour comes near you, I would highly recommend checking it out.

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