Two New Programs on 89.7FM in June

LPaul-SM-WEB.jpgansing Reggae rockers can soon turn their dial to 89.7fm for a healthy dose of feel-good music with The Positive Vibe Sound System. The live radio program airs Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m., and is hosted by Paul Vetne and debuts June 4th. The Lansing resident and tattoo artist studied fine art in school and worked at the classical college radio station as a student announcer during undergrad. Self-described as an eclectic music lover, Paul’s show will bring about that same similar taste to listeners. The program will feature reggae and all the sub-genres that come along with that, including dub reggae, latin stuff with afro beats, and a wide range of international music. When people think of reggae and feel-good music, often their first thought is Bob Marley, but the feel good music comes from 500 years of oppression. Peace and compassion is something we all need to strive for. The show’s mission is to introduce people to more than the 50 songs they may know as reggae tunes. While Marley is a staple, it’s only one genre and one great artist to rise from the reggae scene. To stay up to date on the latest, like The Positive Vibe Sound System radio show on Facebook, and follow on Twitter: @posvibesoundsystem.

The Capital Area is about to turn fifty shades of blue CABS Blues Hourwith LCC Radio’s newest blues program, The CABS Blues Hour. Fronted by Lansing’s premiere blues preservation group, the Capital Area Blues Society (CABS), the live radio show airs Tuesday nights from 8 to 9 p.m. and debuts June 6. The CABS nonprofit 501c3 is going on its 25th year of keeping the blues alive in the Mid-Michigan area. The show will also feature blues musicians, provide listeners with a background of blues, and work to educate the area on the historic relevance and impact the blues has had on all other genres of music. According to one of the hosts, Wendy Whitlock, Lansing has a pretty hoppin’ blues scene, with special venues including The Avenue, The Exchange, The Green Door, and the Unicorn Tavern in Old Town. The program aims to let every listener know that there wouldn’t be much of the modern music we hear today without the blues. Every blues song has a story, and it’s a story that demands you listen and feel the music’s emotions, according to Whitlock. To stay up to date on the latest, like “CABS” onFacebook, or visit their website: