The Caretaker – Everywhere at the End of Time – Stage 6

This is the last installment of the 6 part series Everywhere at the End of Time. A music project with the intent to replicate the decay of Alzhimers disease. This album does a great job of doing just that! This album is soul-crushing and dark. Harsh noise and creepy drones create a sense of absolute dread. Listening to this in the context of parts 1-5 definitely enhances the experience, although my only gripe is that this series is very patient with its decay. 6 HOURS. Its very rewarding to listen to parts 1-6 as a whole but it takes up so much time (this is like Swans but longer). This album is definitely better experienced when doing a task or playing a video game.

Part 6 is an abrasive ending to a nightmarish ride through mental disintegration.