Injury Reserve – Injury Reserve

At first, I really enjoyed this album but after a while its flaws became more and more apparent with repeated listens.

This is an overall well put together hip hop record with a few flaws that make it far from perfect. I love the bangers on this album and I find opening track “Koruna and Lime” alongside “Jailbreak The Tesla” to be highlights. This album also offers some fun songs that aren’t too serious such as “Gravy n’ Biscuts” and “Rap Song Tutorial”. This album has some good music to offer although I feel as if the tracklist is very top heavy. I didn’t really care too much for the 2nd half of the album, and most of the songs on the ladder end of the album just like filler to me (with some good moments, but they’re too few and far between to make up for anything).

I also feel like this album is not going to age all that well, aside from the singles. The song “Jawbreaker” is the bane of my existence and I absolutely hate everything about it. “Jawbreaker” is a stupid song that will sound like a stupid product of its time in at least 6-8 years and it perfectly illustrates what I do not like about this project. I don’t think that the “QWERTY” interlude is AS bad as the other interludes on this album but thats not saying much. With that being said this album still offers some good songs with some good features from artists such as JEPG Mafia & Freddie Gibbs. I’ll be sticking around to see what happens in the future with Injury Reserve. A solid debut with some room to grow.

I’d recommend listening to the first half of this album if you’re curious.