Xiu Xiu – Girl With Basket of Fruit

This album is gushing with pain and frustration. From front to end this album just sounds like a schizophrenic nightmare. Jamie Stewarts vocals are off kilter and unsettling, with a delivery similar to MC Ride from Death Grips . The lyrics on this project are absurd and meaningless while still conveying a distorted depiction of reality.

/ Her boob gets so floppy /
/ She uses it as a fan to wave away his sickening B.O.​ /
/ Now rubbing it off with a brick /
/ Dust for his panettone /
/ Every frog hops right up into her butthole /
/ Every frog eats a single butthole flea on its way in /
/ She brown box squeezes them all into froghost /

Despite the senselessness of it all the lyrics create an uncomfortable tone. The music follows suite with distortion covering the LP in a sweet blanket. Glitchy drums and awkward synths add to the chaos and swirl thing deeper into a panic.

Songs like “Amargi ve Moo” play out in a typical Xiu Xiu style while still playing into the messy theme of the album. One thing that I find myself wondering whenever I listen to this album is, is this intelligent music or is this just stupid music with an artsy coat painted over it? To be quite fair I think it depends who you ask. I can see how some people would praise this album for trying so many new things and for standing out as an art noise piece, but I can also understand someone hating this album for being so loud and nonsensical. The words sure do take away from its seriousness but it also makes the singer come off as having some sort of mental illness (which I think is a fair tradeoff).

Theres a lot of great ideas here, and I have to hand credit to Jamie for trying something so experimental so late into his career.(Jamie really does pull some weird sounds out of his ass on this one) but some elements of this project just don’t do it for me. I feel as if more hooks could be implemented similar to the one on title track “Girl With a Basket Of Fruit” and “Pumpkin Attack On Mommy and Daddy”. I also think some cuts could be shortened a little bit but overall this albums good moments shine on through to create an unforgettable listening experience.

Jamie really does prove himself as a true music scientist on this record conduction so many musical experiments, and getting unique results with each song.