Black Midi – Schlagenheim

Schlangenheim is a breath of fresh air in the math rock and noise rock scene.  

What is especially exciting about Schlangenheim is its distinct back midi sound. Black midi already has a style and a sound that is unique to them. With music being so saturated it’s extremely hard to find bands that stand out, and black midi certainly stands out. The strange majestic vocals put together with the bombastic math infused noise rock make for an outlandish yet highly enjoyable experience.  

Songs like “953” and “Near DT, MI” thrust the listener right in with a loud mix of drums and catchy guitar licks, whereas songs like “Western” & “Of schlagenheim” utilize dynamics with different tones and textures being explored within just 1 song. I think the drummer Morgan Simpson deserves a lot of credit. His drumming not only binds everything on this album together but it also gives these songs so much to unpack. Morgan fills each and every song with subtle nuances in his drumming, his techniques bring the album to life and give it a better replay value. Another thing to note about black midi are Geordie Greep’s vocals. They’re hard to describe but for some reason his voice reminds me of Ozzy Ozbournes work in Black Sabbath, that is quavering yet still filled with an underlying power and not being fully utilized until needbe. (Or also like a more mature Kermit the Frog). With that being said, I feel like this release was missing is more songs like “bmbmbm” and “953”. Both of those songs I could listen to on repeat all day. Some other songs though just don’t capture me in the same way. Don’t get me wrong, every song on this album is fantastic, but some of them are just more fantastic than others.  

With this release Black Midi set themselvs up to be on the same stage as moderen greats such as King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. Im so excited to see where black midi goes next, keep in mind this is only their debut. (One of the best debuts of the 2010s decade for sure)