Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated

In 2011 Carly Rae Jepsen, as we all know, smashed through into the mainstream eye with her hit song “Call Me Maybe”. Her 2012 album KISS is mediocre at best. At the time it was safe to assume that Carly Rae Jepsen was going to be a one hit wonder, but then 2015 happened and she instantly became a synth pop goddess. With her 2015 album E·MO·TION she ditched her roots and went full synth pop, and it worked surprisingly well. Despite the loss of her prior mainstream audience she still managed to garner a hit or two off of the album while still appealing to music critics.

Dedicated follows up E·MO·TION with more synth pop gold and in my opinion, Dedicated is an even more cohesive and enjoyable listen than her last work. Every song on this album is bursting at the seams with fun hooks and catchy instrumentation. The production this album is as polished as polished can be. Tracks like “Julien” “Too Much” & “The Sound” are prime examples of the amazing production that went into this project. There was never a point where I couldn’t make out an instrument or where I felt things got muddy.

What pushes this project to the top of this list is its consistency. This album is one of the most consistently enjoyable albums of 2019. Nothing ever got stale and I love every song on this album. I also like how the track list flows so well. In an interview Carly stated that she wanted the album to be centered around love and devotion (hence the title) and with the track list order its very easy to pick up on her intentions. I cannot recommend this album enough not only to causal listeners of but but also to hardcore music fans.