Tim Hecker – Anoyo

I just recently listened to Tim Hecker’s discography. I remember the first time I heard Harmony In Ultraviolet. I made me feel like I was the last man on Earth, but still being watched. Tim Hecker is probably the most notable ambient artist of our generation, and I would even go as far to say that he is up there with Brian Eno in terms of notable ambient artists. His music transcends the norms of conventional music and he is one of the few artists making music today that has the power to truly scare me.

Tim Heckers last work Konoyo did a fantastic job at walking along the line of being both scary and somehow comforting. This trend continues onto “Anoyo”. “Anoyo” is a continuation of “Konoyo” but music is still progressing. These two albums are attached but not necessarily dependent on each other, each one provides a quique experience. What I like the most about this album is the instrumentation that Tim Hecker uses. While still sticking to his eerie synths, Tim adds all sorts of subtle chimes and traditional Chinese instruments. This adds lots of flavor and charm to the album. Tracks like “Is But a Simulated Blur” & “Not Alone” make great use of booming Chinese drums. These cool concepts and new ideas are why Tim Hecker is one of my favorite ambient artists (if not my favorite). Similar to his music Tim is always growing and changing, change is even hinted at on the last track “You Never Were” which has the music decaying into oblivion beautifully. Tim has never put out the same album twice and his sheer and utter creativity continues to shine through 18 years into his career.

Thank you.