Christopher Tom Deep Dive – Plastic People EP

YouTuber Christopher Tom has seen some of his recent videos garner great success, with a few of them even getting over 1,000,000 views. Chris is well known for making video essays, but he also posts the occasional vlog to keep in contact with his fans. Despite Chris’s reputation as a Youtuber, he’s also an animator, and a musician. In 2017 Chris released his third music project titled “Plastic People”. The EP is made up of five songs and is just shy of 20 minutes in length. 

Some of Chris’s main influences include the early works of Oasis and Weezer. When asked why Chris said, “What I really like about Oasis in general is how they can create something so remarkable with such simple chords”. The straight forward nature of Chris’s influences are apparent on The Plastic People EP, especially on tracks such as Silver and Lately.

The way that Chris goes about putting his songs together though is quite unorthodox. Whereas most artists will have an idea that they record onto a computer, Chris often does the opposite testing chords against melodies on a computer program and then putting everything together on the guitar. Each song on the EP also sees Chris taking charge and playing all the instruments by himself, keep in mind there’re drums, bass guitar, singing and keys on the EP. When Chris set out to make this album he was going through a tough spot in his personal life. Not only was Chris in high school, but he was also battling brain cancer. Alongside maintaining his YouTube channel Chris had a lot to handle to say the least. What’s remarkable is that Chris was able to finish the EP in the midst of such a crisis. Some of the slower songs such as “Love Song No. 3” and “Feelings Fade” have lots of emotional ties and touching moments, although this EP also has some more upbeat cuts too such as “Plastic People” and “Lately”. (Funny enough the most energetic and catchy song on the EP “Plastic People” was initially written to have a Halloween theme.) 

In conclusion id say this EP is the biggest step so far for Christopher Tom musically. This 20 minute EP has some great moments and is very consistent from start to finish. Chris also has a list of over 100 song ideas for the future (it’s color coded and organized by tempo and key, truly genius). Hopefully we can see some of them come to fruition soon.